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the Studio Organizer 6

No Contracts • No Monthly Fees


Desktop & iPad Compatible

The Studio Organizer is powerful, versatile, and easy to use. It works with any type of dance, gymnastics or martial arts studio. You can use any membership or tuition payment plan and the powerful attendance recording features let track attendance in a variety of ways.

Record student and prospect information. Record and track tuition payment plans and attendance. Track inventory. Create invoices, student ID cards, staff ID cards, attendance cards, price tags, letters, emails, certificates, envelopes and more...

Try the Studio Organizer absolutely free for 30 days. You can enter up to 100 student records. The trial version is the fully working version. When you purchase the software all of your data remains.



The majority of today’s school management software is sold on a month to month basis, with contracts that lock you into a fixed payment. Since 1996 the Studio Organizer has been purchased by over 3000 schools around the globe looking for full featured management software that’s purchased outright, not rented month to month.

See the Purchase page for pricing.

Version 6 of the Studio Organizer is a complete redesign that adds iPad compatibility and continues to provide the powerful features thousands of school owners have come to rely on.

The all new, easy to use design eliminates the need for manuals; video tutorials show you step by step how to enroll students in your styles and membership plans, collect tuition, and record attendance and promotions.

Unlike online school management systems, storing your student data on the cloud is optional. The Studio Organizer can be installed directly on your computer with no internet connection, it can be shared securely on your wireless network, or your data can be securely online, shared by multiple school locations.

Growing schools can start as a single user with one location and add users and new locations, all the while retaining complete security and control of their student data.


Integrated online payment processing. (US only.) Click here for details.

The Studio Organizer includes 10 Birthday Songs & 10 Student ID card designs. (The bar code font is included.)

Unlimited Styles of Instruction allow you to track Cross Training students with ease. You can enroll students in more than one style of instruction and keep all of their attendance and progress information separate. You can determine testing/promotion eligibility by a variety of methods.

The Promotions Wizard records promotions, creates test lists and certificates

The attendance recording features of the Studio Organizer are extremely flexible:

Punch card style: set a fixed number classes or hours
Expiration date: set an expiration date
Limit check ins: Limit check ins by day, week or month
Advance check ins: check into more than one class upon arrival
Check outs: Record when a student leaves class

Powerful and easy to use invoicing and inventory system.

Regardless of how you collect tuition, the powerful Duplicate button on the Invoice Entry screen let's you set up your recurring payment schedule.

Quickly record payments using the Invoice Payment Wizard.

Complete security system lets you create access levels and passwords.

Text messaging, email, form letters and certificates.

Plus the Studio Organizer is bar code scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer and touch screen compatible.
(Optional hardware sold separately.)

See the Features page for details.

The Studio Organizer is powerful, full featured software.

Try it for yourself before you buy. There's no obligation and no sales calls.

The free trial and the full version are one and the same so there's nothing more to download or install when you decide to buy. Just enter your Registration Code to disable the 30 day trial limitations.

Go to the Downloads page for more details.


Just click the Support button any time night or day and you'll receive an answer fast, usually within one business day.

See the Answers page for details.

See the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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